You can feel an atmosphere of real casino

at your events too

Enrich your events with a form of funny presentation, but on real tables and with our trained employees. We will bring this unforgettable experience right to you.

Our mobile casino is favourite supplement of different social events, where your guests can try a taste of gambling for free. It creates perfect conditions for various competitions and tosses.

Feel free to contact us at and our staff will gladly inform you about details.

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Luck is in your own hands, so give it a try at one of our casinos...

Casino Piešťany

Casino Piešťany

Current jackpots paid
Kajot 900,- €
Apex88,- €
Apex87,- €
Apex101,- €
Live jackpots
Electronic roulette2990,- €
MEGA jackpot4000,- €
MAXI jackpot466,- €
MINI jackpot113,- €
Casino Nitra

Casino Nitra

Current jackpots paid
07.11.2019 Kajot 4 19:57116,- €
22.10.2019 Apex 16:4688,- €
19.10.2019 Apex 13 19:3978,- €
19.10.2019 Apex 13:15102,- €
Live jackpots
Electronic roulette3000,- €
MEGA jackpot3251,- €
MAXI jackpot900,- €
MINI jackpot150,- €