American Roulette

It is the most popular and most played game in casinos all over the world.

Its predecessor is French roulette from which it is derived. Roulette originated in 17th century and was invented by French physicist Blaise Pascal. An aim of this scientist was to invent a “generator of random numbers”. You can take into your consideration whether he was successful. The truth is that this invention became very popular amongst people and until today it can be found in basically unmodified form in casinos all around the world.

Roulette found its way to America as well. Incomers who were settling down in the country of unlimited possibilities brought the roulette with them.


And because everything goes faster in America, the customary variation of roulette was developed over the years with gathered pace and adapted to American lifestyle.

The game table is quite large and consists of a playing area and cylinder. The croupier stands behind the table and uses only his hands. The player places his bets himself.

Cylinder is divided into 37 compartments from 0 to 36. The numbers, which are not in arithmetical order, are placed alternating on red or black field. Zero is an exception, which is placed on green board.

Luck is in your own hands, so give it a try at one of our casinos...

Casino Piešťany

Casino Piešťany

Current jackpots paid
14.9.2019 - 12:19 - Apex101,- €
13.9.2019 - 22:28 - Kajot 118,- €
12.9.2019 - 20:06 - Apex 529,- €
12.9.2019 - 17:20 - Apex116,- €
Live jackpots
Electronic roulette2990,- €
MEGA jackpot4000,- €
MAXI jackpot203,- €
MINI jackpot60,- €
Casino Nitra

Casino Nitra

Current jackpots paid
22.9. 2019 01:25 Kajot 5124,- €
21.9. 2019 19:43 Apex 14509,- €
21.9. 2019 17:43 Kajot 582,- €
21.9. 2019 16:07 Apex 271,- €
Live jackpots
Electronic roulette3000,- €
MEGA jackpot1771,- €
MAXI jackpot134,- €
MINI jackpot20,- €