The origin and inventor are unknown. In the middle of 19th century Blackjack became the most popular game on the other side of the Atlantic and at the same time the most played card game in the casinos. It is very similar to the card game „twenty-one“ or „17+4“.

Blackjack is played on a semicircular table. There are 7 playing positions organized in a semicircle. The most important part of the Blackjack are the cards. Cards are dealt „open“ (face up) from a dealing „shoe“. Blackjack is played with six 52-card-decks. The value of the cards corresponds to their numeric value from 2 to 10. Face cards (Kings, Queens, and Jacks) count as ten points, the ace can count as either 1 or 11 points according to the player´s choice.

If you sit down in front of an empty box, you are becoming its owner, which means, you will take decisions about it. You are also allowed to bet in other boxes and vice versa, other players can bet in your box.


Each player plays on behalf of himself and against the croupier. The croupier shuffles the cards and after the bets are placed he announces „No more bets“ and deals an initial hand of two cards on each occupied box, only one card to himself (first he deals one card to each box, then one card to himself and finally one more card to each box). He deals the cards „face up“. According to the order of the boxes, each box owner may ask for an additional card, as long as he thinks that he is close enough to 21, or if he already has achieved 21. If you want no more card, you say „stay“ to the croupier. If you wish another card, you say „card“. The player, whose hand value exceeds 21, looses the bet.<br/>When the owner of the last box gives up the next card, this card goes to croupier. When the sum of 17 is achieved, he is not drawing anymore. At 16 he is drawing cards as long as he achieves the sum of 17 or more. If the croupier exceeds 21, all boxes that stayed in the game win. Otherwise, each box, which card total is closer to 21 than the croupier wins. If the card total is the same as the croupier´s total, it is a “stand off”, i.e. a tie. You will keep your bet.

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Casino Piešťany

Casino Piešťany

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Casino Nitra

Casino Nitra

Current jackpots paid
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Live jackpots
Electronic roulette3000,- €
MEGA jackpot3251,- €
MAXI jackpot900,- €
MINI jackpot150,- €