Slot machines come from the country of unlimited possibilities. They were invented by the German immigrant Charles August Fey. He used the enthusiasm of the Americans for everything that moves. Nowadays, slot machines belong to the standard offer of the casinos all around the world. Slot machines are modern electronic devices exclusively working on the random-number-generator principle. In our casinos you can even play an automated roulette or modern slot machines with a manifold and wide offer of games.




All slot machines are connected to a three level Jackpot, which current amount is displayed on the screens around the casino. You can win any Jackpot at any time, regardless of the result of your game on the slot machines.


Game rules
The game rules are explained by symbols and their winning combinations on each gambling machine. The bets are realized with banknotes in all nominal values.

Luck is in your own hands, so give it a try at one of our casinos...

Casino Piešťany

Casino Piešťany

Current jackpots paid
Kajot 900,- €
Apex88,- €
Apex87,- €
Apex101,- €
Live jackpots
Electronic roulette2990,- €
MEGA jackpot4000,- €
MAXI jackpot466,- €
MINI jackpot113,- €
Casino Nitra

Casino Nitra

Current jackpots paid
07.11.2019 Kajot 4 19:57116,- €
22.10.2019 Apex 16:4688,- €
19.10.2019 Apex 13 19:3978,- €
19.10.2019 Apex 13:15102,- €
Live jackpots
Electronic roulette3000,- €
MEGA jackpot3251,- €
MAXI jackpot900,- €
MINI jackpot150,- €